About the Company:

Founded in 2018, Ranarium’s vision was to provide an excellent source of nutritional supplements for amphibians and reptiles. And thus, Ranarium has been successful in doing so and will continue to make this a top priority.  Each of our products are a proprietary recipe based on many years of experience of caring for amphibians and reptiles, exhausting research and lab testing. Ranarium promises a full line of products that will meet all your pets nutritional needs.  Everything we produce is used on our animals. Please make sure to check out our gallery!

Founder: Damian Rama

My passion for animals stemmed from childhood. I would spend most of my time in nature where I was observing all living creatures from spiders to worms. Over the years I became fascinated with frogs. At 11 years old, I purchased my first dart frog and my love for these animals grew. Their fascinating colors amazed me. I was sold. As the years went by I traveled to the jungles of Central America and my explorations continued and expanded to reptiles, birds and other animals. Simultaneously, while learning about these animals and their care I began my journey with vitamins. I wanted to ensure that my pets were obtaining a balanced healthy diet and so Ranarium began.