Available Animals

Availability: Available animals are noted below. To purchase any animals you will need to contact us. If you do not see any notes please do not hesitate to contact us as some animals have a higher demand and will not make it to our site. 

Shipping: All animals are to be shipped from hub to hub for our full guarantee. If buyer chooses a different delivery option (to house for example) all guarantees are void and Ranarium is not held responsible for any and all issues including but not limited to the health of the animal, loss of box by carrier or shipment delay. Shipping is only done weather permitting and we reserve the right to cancel any and all live animal order due to weather conditions and any other issues that might arise


Our Guarantee: We guarantee the health and safe arrival of all our animals. In the case any animal is DOA we will issue a full refund, shipping included. All animals must be picked up within 3 hours of their arrival to location. Any issues with the animals must be reported to Ranarium within 12 hours of pick up with attached photographic proof. Failure to do so will void any and all guarantees. 

UDATED 05/11/20

Oophaga Histrionica Atrato

Oophaga Histrionica Yellow and Brown Blotch

Oophaga Histrionica Blue

Oophaga Histrionica Playa de Oro

Froglets growing

Oophaga Histrionica Cream Bulls Eye

Froglets growing

Oophaga Histrionica Tado

Froglets growing

Oophaga Histrionica Anchicaya

Oophaga Histrionica Brown Bullseye

Oophaga Sylvatica Paru