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The proper amount of Vitamin A is required for immune function, reproduction, and cellular communication. There are basically two forms for Vitamin A: preformed Vitamin A (i.e. retinol) and provitamin A carotenoids. Rana A is formulated with a high “retinol” Vitamin A concentration for your amphibians along with some other superfoods. Amphibians can no synthesize provitamin A resulting in an increased risk of Vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A deficiency was first described as “Short Tongue Syndrome”. More recently deficiency in this essential micronutrient is referred to as ‘Hypovitaminosis’. Numerous studies show the lack of Vitamin A causes poor vision, inability to catch prey, poor reproductive success, reduced offspring survival and immune system dysfunction. For example, immune dysfunction could be suspected if there is repeated poor egg development. As well, a balanced diet and proper amount of Vitamin A has been known to play an important role in limb regeneration is some amphibians. The use of Ranarium’s proprietary Rana A supplement should be considered an essential and proactive component of on-going dietary management whereby increasing the potential for the best health possible for you amphibian.                 

  • Ingredients per kg

    Calcium Carbonate, Retinol (Vitamin A), Maca Root 6,000mg, Bee Pollen 4,000mg, Spirulina 250mg, Turmeric 150mg.  

    Guaranteed Analysis: Moisture max. 1.31%, Protein (crude) min. 0.38%, Fat min. 0.10%, Fiber max. 0.73%, Ash max 93.6%, Potassium max 0.05%, Magnesium max. 62.4 ppm, Calcium min. 26.4%, Vitamin A min. (retinol) 2,030,00 iu/kg, Vitamin A max. (retinol) 2,060,00 iu/kg.

  • Directions

    Rana A should be given to pets once a month as part of a rotational diet. If egg development is poor, it may be given every two weeks but for a limited amount of time. Over usage can cause vitamin a toxicity. Use a small pinch to dust feeder insects before feeding to your animals.